The Chimney/Felker Lakes Landholders Association (CFLLA) can be dated back to the early 1960’s as a group of volunteers who were eager to support the development and sustainability of a community, although the official date of constitution is 1991. 

That’s over 60 years of volunteers who have diligently stepped forward to serve their community in the areas of (as outlined in our constitution);

  1. To preserve and enhance the quality of our environment.
  2. To assist government in the orderly development of the area considering multiple land use consistent with the preservation of the ecology.
  3. To promote, foster, develop community spirit and good Citizenship.
  4. To promote and operate the community/fire hall located at Block A of the N.E. ¼ section 12 township 44 Lillooet District.
  5. To promote, acquire and provide fire protection services and firefighting equipment for the use and benefit of the membership of the association.

Why pay your CFLLA dues?

The CFLLA asks that all community members consider paying their annual dues of $200 that  contributes to the continuation and growth of:

  • Maintaining the CFLLA community website
  • Assurance of knowing your voice will be heard when advocating for your community (BC Societies Act)
  • A vote in the association operations (committee level as well as AGM; every spring)
  • Timely information; email, mailbox newsletters, bulletin board as well as Face Book page.
  • Nature/Shoreline conservation
  • Acquiring funds (in the works) to establish recreational upgrades such as the ‘Lake to Lake’ hard pack trail
  • Monitoring of Lake Levels
  • Monitoring fish habitat/stocking
  • Maintaining Firemen’s Fairways Golf Course (sustainable); Firemen’s Fairways tournament as well as the Family Tourney. See Golf tab for more info.
  • Supporting community spirit days such as ‘Chimney Lake Days’; community events to bring the community together through outdoor activities and friendly competitions.
  • Wildfire management input
  • Maintenance of Fire Department/AED Defibrillators. See Fire hall tab for more info.
  • Maintenance of Community Hall; community events, the hall is also available for free to members offering not-for-profit community events. Also available for rent for weddings, celebrations and other gatherings. See Community Hall tab for complete information on hall amenities.
  • The Annual Family Friendly Halloween Party; with Fireworks
  • Participation in the CRD and Area E Advisory Committee; waste disposal, noxious weeds, signage, etc.
  • Participation in input of maintenance of boat launce and campsites
  • Working with ranchers to monitor cattle access on roads; in collaboration with Alkali Resource Management on a fencing project aimed at keeping range cattle off the road and out of the campgrounds and residences of the area.
  • Maintenance of Mailbox Notice Boards
  • Potential acquisition of Provincial and CRD Grants

…And it’s fun to be a part of such a dynamic and energetic group of community members!!

In order for the CFLLA to keep to keep our association, community hall and fire department operational we have established an association membership fee of $200 per year. It is due at the AGM of each year (typically late spring) and can be payable by cash, cheque or eTransfer:

Mailed or dropped off at CFLLA, 2622 Chimney Lake Road, Williams Lake, BC, V2G5J4

Or, if you prefer eTransfer, and be sure to include your address in the comments area.

Contact info:

Send your questions and comments to